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Welcome to ELEVATE Strength & Performance! We pride ourselves on our strong community and supportive members. In order to maintain not only the health and well-being of all of our members but also the pride and satisfaction we all take in training together, we have put together this document that is intended to answer any questions you may have. As always feel free to reach out to a ESP staff member if you have any concerns.

What can I expect from a typical training session at ESP?

A typical training session at ELEVATE Strength & Performance starts with movement preparation and range of motion exercises to "wake up" the muscles we want to use during your training session. If you are new to movement prep and soft tissue work, don't worry! You will be shown everything you need to know.

Reflexive core activation and stretching is next - either on your own - or with assistance from your coach. These are forgotten and/or neglected components of training and we place a high emphasis on it to help improve your posture, prepare your muscles and get your body ready for the upcoming training.

The main part of the training session could consist of a number of activities - all dependent on your condition and your goals, but it might include traditional weight training, functional training, "old-fashioned" calisthenics and the use of any tool, not limited to kettlebells.

Every training session concludes with cardiovascular conditioning (also called metabolic conditioning or energy system development) and maybe another round on the foam roller, some gentle ground based movement and/or breathing drills to cool and tone down your body.

How should I dress for the training session?

Please plan to wear comfortable clothing as you would for any gym workout that allows you to manage full range of movement. Members find it is most comfortable to have clothing that extends beyond their knees. Jewelry is prohibited during training. This is both for your safety, the protection of your belongings and the upkeep of the equipment. This includes fitness trackers and heart rate monitors worn around the wrist. If you would like to wear a fitness device we suggest one that uses a chest strap.

What type of shoes are appropriate for kettlebell training?

At ESP we primarily train in bare feet or socks. Some members choose to wear training shoes that have not been worn as street shoes. Having the ability to grip and "root" into the floor as you train is key…you will learn more about this as you begin training with us.

What should I bring?

Water and a small towel if you would like to have a personal item to wipe any sweat during your training session. Glass bottles are not permitted.

Where do I park?

All parking for ESP is on-street parking on Shrewsbury Street. For most training times there is no problem finding parking near the club. For busy times, 4-7pm, plan accordingly. ESP members are able to use the Concord Electric Supply parking spaces after 5pm on week nights.

What is expected for pre- & post- training clean up?

It is appreciated if each member helps by wiping down and putting away any equipment used after each class, and wiping up any excessive sweat left on the floor.

How do I register for training sessions?

When you initiate your membership you will receive an email with a link to the Zen Planner system to set up your account. Many members find it easiest to download the app on their smart phones.

What if I cannot attend a class I have registered for?

Due to the limited class sizes we ask that each member be respectful of the sessions they are registered for. If you need to cancel a training session please do so as soon as possible to allow for those on the waitlist to be alerted. Emergencies arise but if there is a trend of no-show/no-cancel or late cancel we reserve the right to charge a late cancel/no-show fee.

What if there is a snow storm?

For the most part ESP follows the Worcester City Schools cancellation policy. There are times where the club is open when the schools are closed. Please watch the ESP Member Facebook Page for updates and download the City's Parking Ban app for notifications when street parking is not available. In some instances, 5:45am sessions, you may receive an email to let you know the club will be closed.

How early should I show up to class?

We recommend planning to arrive about 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled training time to allow for time to foam roll and do some light mobility work.

Should I eat before I train?

This depends on the person, the time of day when you train, and when/what you ate last and personal goals. Speak with your coach for specific advice and to decide what snack/meal would work best for you. Most members find it better to have a "little something" before they train.

Should I train when I am sick?

Everyone gets sick at some point. A good rule of thumb is if you have a fever, intestinal issues, or too sick to complete the training for that day we recommend staying home to rest. You may always email the team at ESP if you have questions about whether or not you should not participate in a training session.

What if something hurts?

Tell your coach immediately if something hurts or feels "not right" in any way. We work hard to provide each member with a safe and appropriate program. We can modify any movement and/or exercise and put safety first, always.

Can I bring a friend?

Having members refer their friends and family is a huge compliment! Given the program and approach at ESP we ask that each new member starts with a strategy session and FMS screen to see where they are at before they join a training session. This is for the health and safety of each member. If you have a friend you would like to train with at ESP please refer them! We are happy to meet and get them started!

How do I get in touch with someone at ESP?

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