"I've been trying to put into words how appreciative I am of the training and coaching you and your team provide since I got back from Hawaii.  I've struggled to put into words how much of a positive impact elevate has been for me.

It's so important to me that I'm able to put in work 5-6 times a week.  You're programming and training keeps me in the game which enables me to make progress which you can clearly see in the attached photo.  These pictures were taken one year apart.

I was on vacation in both.  They were two very, very different vacations.  For the first time in decades, I feel good almost every day.

In the photo on the left, I struggled to get out of my beach chair every day.  I didn't feel good.  Everything I did was hard.  In the second photo, I was hiking through Iao Valley and was about to climb a gigantic boulder, in the middle of a raging river, with my brother.  When we got to the tip of that boulder, we put our arms over each other's shoulders and didn't say much.  We just admired where we were and after a long silence, my brother said, "all that working out pays off, huh?"

I was so proud of myself and how I felt and how I could finally share a moment like that with someone who is so dear to me.

I have a lot of work to do yet but I wanted to give you props.  I wouldn't be where I'm at without you and your team.


- Collin S.


"I am a fitness enthusiast who was looking to increase my strength, improve my cardiovascular fitness, and increase my mobility by incorporating kettlebells into my training. By participating in the team training classes at ESP I am achieving my goals. In one month I progressed my Turkish getup from body weight to 16 kg. I also improved my endurance on the racquetball court. The studio is spotless; I have been in other facilities, but none compares to the cleanliness of ESP. Evan provides quality instruction in a supportive and encouraging environment. I appreciate that his classes always start and finish on time."

- Mary Elizabeth

“By far the best class I have ever taken! I'm addicted! Evan is the greatest instructor, always attentive to each and everyone of us. He gives undivided attention and guides us through every movement. I highly recommend ESP. I signed up for a full year membership that's how much I love it! This place blows every other fitness club out of the water HANDS DOWN!"

- Gilda P.

"Evan and I crossed paths through mutual friends and colleagues in the fitness industry, and I'm glad we did. It didn't take much time for me to realize how caring of an individual he is. Truly, he is a unique, kind-hearted person who wants what's best for his friends, colleagues and clients. Upon his invitation for me to provide a workshop at his facility, I had the chance to watch him in action coaching his clients. His high energy and deep passion were clearly evident, but what floored me most was his extreme attention to detail. This isn't something every coach possesses; only the great coaches own it. Evan is everything a great coach should be, and I'm fortunate to call him a friend."

- Matthew Ibrahim of Mobility 101

"I was on the fence about signing up for Evan's 6 week challenge until the last minute, and I'm so glad that I decided to participate!  I have struggled to have healthy relationships with food and physical activity for many years, and this 6 weeks was the perfect opportunity to dive right in and work on both at the same time.  The first two weeks were hard because I had never kept any type of food journal before, but the experience was really eye opening!  I learned that this is really powerful for me (I'm much less inclined to eat 12 cookies if I have to TELL someone else that I ate 12 cookies!), and that accountability to someone else and others in the group proved to be less scary than I thought it would be.  Evan is extremely knowledgeable and supportive, and has fantastic tools to help make nutrition seem simple.  His focus on macros helped me have a better understanding of what my food is actually made up of, and it has helped me look at food as less about what would make me feel good in the moment and more about what would be good fuel for my body.  Don't get me wrong, I will always love a good burger and those cookies!  However, in 6 weeks, I was able to start seeing how food affected my body, my energy level, my sleep - so many things!  By learning to make smarter choices based on what I liked to eat, I have been able to lose 60 lbs (and counting).  Plus, I feel the best I've ever felt!

I also attended Team Training sessions regularly throughout the challenge, and these continue to be one of the highlights of my week until now.  Evan is an amazing coach.  His ability to regress and progress exercises based on exactly where I am at is remarkable.  Initially, I struggled a bit with some negative self-talk because I wasn't able to safely do the things that some of the others in training could.  However, I quickly learned to trust Evan and I've seen so many amazing changes in how I feel and move!  Evan is always encouraging, pays attention to everyone in a training session, and genuinely cares about our progress.  He can always explain the "why" behind a movement and its modification, which is so important to the person like me who wants to understand the "why" behind things.  He can give the smallest correction that makes a tough exercise seem easier!  For me, consistency has been key and the 6 week challenge gave me a much needed jump-start.  Even thought it was hard at times, Evan made it fun and a great learning experience."

- Amanda C.

“When I first heard of Worcester Kettlebell Club (now ELEVATE Strength & Performance), I have to admit that I was doubtful. I had heard and read of other programs that sounded similar to me at first glance, and was afraid that what I had found in ELEVATE was another flashy fad without real substance. And as someone who had continually failed in the gym and who had constantly struggled and lost in the fight to become healthy and fit, I was especially skeptical. But I decided to give it a try, and signed up for the trial membership, figuring I had little to lose.

I couldn’t have been more surprised at my first meeting with Evan, ESP’s owner and head coach. What I expected was a sales pitch, but what I got was an in-depth, nearly hour long one-on-one appointment where I was asked about my prior experiences, my goals, and was carefully tested for mobility and strength. From the first moment, my experience was tailored to me, and I knew I had been wrong in my estimation of ESP. By my third trial class, I had decided to sign up for a 3-month team training program, and soon after that switched to a 12-month.

A year later, I recognize myself as different person. I am the fittest, healthiest, and happiest I have ever been. I feel prouder and more confident. And as someone who has struggled with my body-image and self-concept for almost my entire adolescent and adult life, I can hardly describe what it feels like to finally be where I am now.

One of the best parts is, I know I’ve earned it. I’ve worked hard to hardly miss a class. With Evan’s guidance, I’ve made impactful and sustainable changes to my diet, and found ways to continue my training at home. Evan’s coaching style holds me to a very high bar, but supports me to attain it. And though there have been some setbacks and moments where I’ve been frustrated, I always find what I need in the ELEVATE community to push through.

A year later, I’m not just fitter, healthier and happier, but I’m a more whole person. I know more about my body and how to train it. I’ve found friendships with such supportive and motivating people. I’ve learned the importance of doing things well, of good form instead of high weight, of setting realistic goals, and of knowing my limits and how to (and when not to) push them.

Joining ELEVATE has been one of the best and most impactful decisions I’ve ever made. It has not been easy. It was not a quick fix. But ELEVATE Strength & Performance has worked for me, and will work for you, if you work hard at it. I hope to see you in class!”

- Alex H.

"I walked into ELEVATE Strength & Performance (formerly Worcester Kettlebell Club) and met with Evan 3 months ago because I was tired of being in the head space I had been in for far too long. I wanted to find balance and peace of mind with my nutrition and health overall. I knew I didn't want someone telling me what I could or could not eat but I also knew I needed to figure out once and for all how to feed myself. I had lost touch with that fundamental piece of my life and wanted it back. Of course I wanted to lose weight and get stronger but the thought processes and compulsive eating was bothering me more.

Fast forward 3 months and I can not express how valuable being a part of ESP has become in my life. I have worked out and played sports since I was a teenager and I am shocked I never seriously hurt myself. I have never found such balance and focus on a strong foundation to build strength from. I have continuously lifted heavier over time without injury or issues and perform better in all other aspects of my life because of the level of fitness I am getting to.

The nutritional counseling and 6 week transformation program was key for me. I never had a set number I was aiming to achieve on the scale during this process, I just wanted to feel "normal". I needed to feel that I knew how to feed myself by selecting foods that I enjoy in a way that supports my overall health and well being, while learning how to navigate life events and holidays. It wasn't always easy, having to focus on why I was making certain decisions can be taxing and sometimes scary. But I went there because I wanted this more then anything. Everyone likes to hear about pounds lost so I will share that I am now down 24 pounds in 12 weeks and probably almost as many inches. I feel better then I have in a LONG time. I still don't know where the scale will level off at and I honestly don't care. Getting off the roller coaster of binge/diet cycling has been the biggest gift ever and I know that ESP and Evan are the reason I am on this path."

- Jackie H.

“I have stopped and started many training programs and worked with many professional trainers. Evan is the first person who I have seen incredible success with and who has made it possible to stick with a program long-term.

Evan is so positive and encouraging, coming to the gym each week with him is a joy and one of the best parts of my week. He truly listened to what I was looking for and tailored a program for me. I have improved tenfold in my biking strength as a result of the targeted work Evan designed for me and that was my biggest goal. I have less pain, more power, greater mobility, my endurance has increased and best of all my energy has skyrocketed.

With so many programs and conflicting information, finding someone who really knows what they are doing is so critical. Evan has helped me make great strides, while also ensuring I am always safe and uninjured. This is the first time in a long life of physical pursuits that I have experienced anything remotely as successful to my overall health and well-being. Working with Evan has been truly life changing for me and I am so grateful to be working with him.”

- Rebecca W.