Current Training Program - Week 1, Day 3

This is the 3rd day of my current training program. My goal in 12 weeks is to do 1 Weighted Pull Up and 1 Single-Arm Military Press with the 40kg. I'm taking it easy with lower body work because of the torn meniscus and MCL sprain in my left knee. Squats feel good when done slowly with a lot of focus and the Windmill is the best feeling hip hinge other than Deadlifts.

Part A: all exercises done one at a time, no superset/circuit style

A1) KB Windmill 3 x 3 each (24kg,28kg,28kg)

A2) Crawling 3 x 0:30s

A3) KB Arm Bar 3 x 5 breathes each (20kg)

Part B:

B1) KB Single-Arm Racked Squat 3 x 8 each (28kg)

B2) KB Weighted Pull Up 3 x 3 (20kg,24kg,24kg)

B3) KB Single-Arm Military Press 4 x 4,3,3,3 (24kg,24kg,28kg,28kg)

Part C:

C1) Double KB Racked Carry 4 x 0:30s, 1 minute rest (24kg)

C2) Assault Air Bike 2 x 1 mile w/ 2-3 minutes rest between rides (2:17, 43 kcal/2:17, 42 kcal)