Current Training Program - Week 2, Day 1

Day 1 of 2nd week of current training program. My goal is still the same, in 12 weeks do 1 Weighted Pull Up and 1 Single-Arm Military Press with the 40kg. Still feeling pain from the MCL sprain. I rode the Assault Bike for 6 miles yesterday and was concerned how it would go today with the conditioning, but I felt great. Wattage was around 359 the entire time until the last mile and no lower than 376 for the last 0.5 mile.

Part A:

A1) KB Windmill 3 x 5 each (24kg)

A2) KB Arm Bar 3 x 5 breathes each (20kg)

Part B:

B1) Double KB Bottoms Up Squat 3 x 5 (14kg,14kg,16kg)

B2) KB Weighted Pull Up x 3,2,2,1 (20kg,20kg,24kg,24kg)

B3) KB Single-Arm Military Press x 2,2,3 (24kg,24kg,28kg)

Part C:

C1) Assault Air Bike x 3 miles (7:22, 111 kcal)