Current Training Program - Week 2, Day 2

I am trying to focus on exceptional barbell deadlift form, which explains the light weight. I have never been successful at the conventional deadlift stance and set up but right now it's feeling better than ever, so I am going for it. The weighted pull up protocol is from Mike Perry and the kettlebell pressing is following a percentage based program. Again, the goal is 40kg weighted pull up and overhead press. 

Part A: Completed A1 first, then A2

A1) KB Windmill x 3,2,1 each (24kg,28kg,32kg)

A2) KB Arm Bar 2 x 5 breathes each (20kg)

Part B: Completed each exercise before moving on to the next

B1) Barbell Deadlift 3 x 5 (185lb,205lb,205lb)

B2) KB Goblet Squat 3 x 10 (36kg)

B3) KB Weighted Pull Up 5 x 1 (24kg,24kg,24kg,28kg,28kg)

B4) KB Single-Arm Military Press x 3,3,2,3 (24kg,28kg,28kg,24kg)

Part C:

C1) Assault Air Bike vs. Battle Rope Bilateral Slams, Alternating 14 x 0:15s work, 0:45s rest