Free Training Day #1

I took my training outside on Sunday because it was beautiful and I wanted to enjoy the fresh air early in the morning. It made a great start to my day

3 Rounds of:

A1) USB (Ultimate Sandbag) Tall Kneeling Halo x 5 each (8kg)

A2) Crawling x 25 yards

The following was done with one kettlebell, because being able to complete an entire, full body training session with one kettlebell is simple and fun.

3 Rounds of:

B1) KB Single Arm Racjed Front Squat x 5 each

B2) KB Single Arm Overhead Press x 5 each

B3) KB Split Stance Single Arm Row x 5 each

B4) KB Overhead Carry x 60 yards > Racked Carry x 30 yards > Suitcase Carry x 30 yards

Rested 2-3 minutes between rounds.

C1) KB 2-Hand Swing 5 x 20 EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) w/ 24kg

This morning's driveway training. It's beautiful out today! I used one 8kg sandbag and one 24kg kettlebell. * 3 rounds: Sandbag Tall-Kneeling Halo x 5+5, Crawling x 25 yards. * 3 rounds: Single Arm Racked Front Squat x 5+5 > Single Arm Overhead Press x 5+5 > Single Arm Split Stance Row x 5+5 > Single Arm Overhead Carry x 60 yards > Racked Carry x 30 yards > Suitcase Carry x 30 yards. Rested 2-3 minutes between rounds. * 2-Hand Swings 5 x 20 EMOM. * Entire session took 40 minutes. First time squatting and swinging in almost three weeks because of potential left knee meniscus tear, still waiting on MRI results. Knee felt great before and feels good after. Swings were purposefully slow to see how long it took me to get to 20, which was 0:36s every round. I wanted to play around with this since assisting Brett Jones at the SFG certification in Boston a month ago. He talked about not focusing on how fast you can finish your swings, but how efficient and smooth you can make your swings feel, appreciating the tension, float, relaxation and keeping my internal volume knob around 6 out of 10. With only 0:24s rest, max effort each swing would have gassed me out. I still delivered optimal force in the swing and had that sweet balance between tension and relaxation. * #worcesterkettlebellclub #worcesterkb #wkc #kettlebells #kettlebelltraining #strength #skill #practice #progress #results #stability #mobility #movement #movebetter #getstronger #training #strengthtraining #exercise #fitness #community #team #WorcesterMA #Worcester #StrongFirst #FMS