How To Be Consistently Good For Now (09/20/2023)

Let’s make an assumption that work is crazy right now.

Your family is still getting used to the back-to-school routine and your kid’s afternoon activities are picking up.

Your nutrition habits aren’t ideal for the fat-loss goal you set and instead of enjoying a drink or two on the weekend you’re having alcohol every day that ends in “y.”

On top of all this you’re bragging about a six hour sleep night that’s the best you’ve had in weeks.

It feels like your routine is turning into a dumpster fire and you’re ready to jump in.

This is all normal and we all go through it.

You know that consistency, effort and practicing patience will get you to where you want to be. There’s no quick fix for where you’re at.

Where to start and direct your attention is up to you. How to begin making positive change or getting back on track is aiming for consistently good, which is practicing reinforcing habits 80% of the time.

As an example,  if your nutrition is not where you want it then figure out how you can be 80% with it. If you eat three meals a day that’s turns into 21 meals a week. Can you make 16-17 of those meals healthy, calorically in line with your fat-loss goals while allowing yourself four meals a week that might not be ideal?

Seems reasonable. This isn’t genius. It’s very doable.

If you’re missing training sessions, give yourself a break once every two weeks if you need it and go for a walk or mediate instead.

Make your training sessions in the first half of the week non-negotiable so you get them in. Your action of showing up will lead to motivation to go which will lead to consistency in your training routine which then leads you to your health and fitness results later on.

Recognize there is no quick fix. You have to do the hard work to get the results you want. Aim for an achievable level that doesn’t stress you out further. This is the way (in Mandalorian voice).

Be consistently better than what you’re doing now. Be committed to your goals and do what it takes to achieve them. Aim for 80% consistency.

With this perspective you’re not allowing yourself to give up and you’re making progress in a way that is sustainable.

When you prioritize your own health, you are setting yourself up for success. By taking care of ourselves, we’re able to meet the daily demands of life with more energy, a clearer head and with purpose.

If your plan is to be around your family and kids for as long as possible, being consistently good is good for everyone.