Core Values (07/03/2023)

We have five core values that our members align with as well as guide our business and business decisions.

Be your best.
Act with courage.
Be respectful, honest & supportive.
Consistently learn & always improve.
Practice patience.

Not only do these five core values reflect our gym community and the business, but they could also lead us in life.

From the way our members interact with each other, to the risks we took during the pandemic and after, to our role as a parent, partner or spouse, these core values are a guide to living a meaningful life.

The core value I struggle with the most is acting with courage.

I’m going into the second month of emailing/blogging on a consistent basis and I forgot to schedule this one for July 1st. It would have been easy to not email it because who would notice?

Act with courage. This is as much about me showing up for myself as it is for you to know that we have core values at ELEVATE. We’re a bit more than just a gym.

The two core values I prioritize the most are being respectful, honest and supportive and practicing patience.

We built our gym community by being respectful, honest and supportive. Without that core value instilled in each of us and our member community, our gym would have closed in 2020 like many others.

I practice patience in my current training program. I know the place where I want to be is 12 weeks away, so I trust my coach and the process of getting there.

I also practice patience as a father, which is critical to my kids well-being and growth as it is for myself. Ryan Holiday wrote, “One of the most important habits, the habit that makes all other habits possible, is patience.” 
Where are core values built into the environments you spend the most time in?
Which core value are you applying consistently and successfully?
Which core value resonates with you as something that needs more attention? How can you begin working towards that?