The Truth Behind Success Stories (07/16/2023)

You’re following a gym on Instagram and stop to admire this post:

“Here’s John who lost 80 pounds and is doing the things he loves a lot easier than before.”

[Insert before and after photos of John, the second one where he’s doing something cool either in or out of the gym.]

ELEVATE is guilty of this exact practice.

What’s missing from the story?

It took John two years to shed that 80 pounds. He had set backs physically and emotionally throughout those two years.

John did become increasingly active, was rigid in his nutrition practice and had patience with his results.

The social proof story looks attractive, but getting there was long and not sexy.

Don’t fool yourself with fat-loss training programs, diets that are not sustainable, and quick fixes.

No business was an overnight success. It took years of failing, trying again, failing again and progress was made slowly over a long period of time. At no point in time was the journey comfortable. There were moments that were infuriating and rewarding.

Your health and fitness success story will follow a very similar experience.

Expect your progress to take much longer than you planned.

Be prepared to fail, lose motivation and face unexpected obstacles.

Understand that your story is unique and your results are not comparable to others.

Keep working towards your goal, adjusting as needed and in at least one year you’ll get to where you want to be.