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ELITE – Small Group Personal Training

ELEVATE’s ELITE training program is up to 5 members and one coach per session. ELITE is the program you need if your goals are more specific and you want a personalized program for moving pain-free, higher levels of performance, and/or fat-loss. ELITE memberships are programmed for 1-3 training sessions per week and include the option of participating in TEAM, METCON and BARS & BELLS.


TEAM – Small Group Training

ELEVATE’s TEAM is our small group general physical preparedness training program with up to 12 members and one coach each session. TEAM delivers it all: strength, conditioning, endurance, fat-loss, skill, knowledge, confidence and results! The TEAM membership also includes our METCON program to improve your conditioning and endurance.


BARS & BELLS – Advanced Small Group Training

BARS & BELLS is ELEVATE’s advanced strength training program for experienced lifters who successfully passed our strength standards. BARS & BELLS will further develop your skills of strength and increase lean muscle through a safe yet challenging training program. You will use barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and your own bodyweight to forge useful strength that will carry over to your daily life and favorite activities.



METCON is ELEVATE’s metabolic conditioning program that improves your power, endurance and resilience with up to 12 members and one coach each session. Tuesday’s METCON is our higher intensity interval training session designed to elevate your metabolism and burn more calories and fat. Thursday’s METCON is our steady state, cardiac output session that is more restorative, promoting improved recovery and a more efficient heart. Expect to have fun, boost your progress, improving your overall athleticism and performance in everyday activities.


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